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Hole 14

Forat / Hoyo / Hole 14

p-blanc 508 m - HCP 6
p-groc 490 m - HCP 6
p-blau 435 m - HCP 2
p-vermell 428 m - HCP 2

Hole 14 - 504 meters - par 5

This hole is much harder for the ladies, because the gents shouldn't have any trouble by an imposing pine in the middle of the fairway, 100 yards from the green. But all those players who are unable to get past it with their second shot will have to consider a wide range of play lines that one should begin to take into account right from the tee. And getting past the big pine isn't the end of it, because the green is wide but shallow at the end, so one must measure the approach well enough to avoid getting swallowed by one of the menacing bun kers that border it.